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Melissa Norris

Director of Alternative Education

Liberty Academy

Liberty, MO

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mini-1Melissa Norris
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"One of the keys to our alternative school success is the partnerships with our community.  The initial goal of our relationship with Majestic Miniatures was to prepare the horses for their community interactions.  While everyone loved working with the horses at the farm, our students and staff will never forget the days the miniatures came to school!  On those days, students worked to teach them to maneuver doorways, stairs, and elevators.  This wouldn't have happened without Debi's extensive knowledge which allowed her to coach the students in their approach.  Ultimately, the miniatures mastered their goals, but we think the best part was the mutually beneficial relationship the horses provided to our at-risk students.  Their gentle nature and presence served as its own kind of therapy for our kids, and for that we are grateful." 

Kim Armstrong
Realtor, The Vision Team
Remax Marketing Specialists
Spring Hill, FL
Listen to Kim's Testimonial
mini-2Kim Armstrong
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"Dan and I were recently at a fundraising event where one of Debi's horses arrived.  It was funny to see how the mood of the place changed.  Everyone was so happy to see the horse and could not wait to pet him (and we were all adults).  He was so sweet especially with so many wanting to touch him at once and he seemed very comfortable.  People were even coming up from behind which is normally not a good idea around a horse but he did not seem to mind.  He really seemed to enjoy the attention and he really seems to like his job. I will definately keep Majestic Miniatures in mind for future events." 

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