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Want to make your special occasion unique and memorable for years to come? Consider Majestic Miniatures Equine Services for the occasion. We have activities designed for your special event, and our horses are sure to make a lasting impression. Show your desire to make the occasion special with the option to incorporate your own unique ideas.


The following are some of the common special events we serve:

  • Gender reveal parties

  • Marriage proposals

  • Wedding receptions

  • Corporate family-oriented parties

  • Grand openings

  • Customer appreciation events

  • Children’s birthday parties

  • Photography sessions

  • Weddings

Other events may be accommodated. We are ready to make the occasion tailored to your preferences. Call us to discuss the ways Majestic Miniatures Equines Services can greatly enhance the experience. 


Kid's Party


Gender Reveal


Marriage Proposal


Wedding Event



Miniature horses offer an up close and personal encounter that brightens the day and offers sensory stimulation and therapeutic benefits during the visit and beyond. The small size of the miniatures and their training makes them suitable for indoor visits such as senior living facilities, rehabilitation centers, memory care, veteran centers, grief therapy groups, PTSD therapy, and even private home visits. During the visit, participants will get the opportunity to have safe direct contact with the horse(s) through petting and brushing right from their chairs.


Advantages of our visits often include:

  • · Triggering conversations and smiles

  • · Offset loneliness, pain, anxiety, and boredom by diversion

  • · Attract individuals who rarely participate in activities to attend

  • · Stimulate advanced memory loss residents to communicate

  • · Benefits extend to caregivers and invited family members


Regularly scheduled visits offer the excitement of anticipation as the participants look forward to the upcoming visit. In this competitive world, offering unique and special activities that are proven to be beneficial to physical and mental health are a great advantage in marketing your facility. Majestic Miniatures Services offer that. Call us today to discuss booking and price packages as well as options that may be available to offset some costs through sponsorships.


Home Visit


Corporate Party


Private Event



Horses have a unique way of reaching children, especially children with special needs. Miniature horses offer the added advantage of being short for making eye contact and safety over larger horses. Autistic children and horses often form a connection through sensory nonverbal bonding. Our horses are great for learning horse care, groundwork, grooming, and horse safety. Private sessions will give the parent a chance to evaluate their child’s interest in order to base decisions for progression to a standard horse. Majestic Miniature horses can be booked for horse judging practice for 4H and to accomplish some equine badge requirements in scouts. Majestic Miniature horses are not used for riding. Call us to discuss school visit opportunities and the advantages of miniature horses for educational programs.


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