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Bringing Joy & Memories to Special Occasions

Majestic Miniatures Equine Services is an equine business of three highly trained miniature horses: Radar, Harmony and Miracle. Our horses are clean, healthy, completely immunized, and insured. You do not have to be experienced with horses, or be a horse lover, to enjoy these little horses. The miniatures make instant connections and attract people at every event. These miniatures are about the same height and size of a large breed dog with typical horse behaviors. Trained miniatures are very special and unique for therapy, education and entertainment. There is a lot of research and personal experiences about the benefits of miniature horses that can be provided upon request.

Debi Koechner

Majestic Miniatures brings joy and creates long lasting memories for special occasions.

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We Come to You!

Providing Education, Entertainment and Therapy Services

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